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A Retweeting Tutorial

A new friend of mine was wondering about how to retweet on Twitter, so to Ron (

this is for you - enjoy!

A Tutorial on Retweeting

Define: Retweet (RT)

a) to copy a tweet and then send it again on twitter.
b) passing along of messages in Twitter.

example: I will retweet that post since it was such a great idea.

Concepts and Rules to Retweeting

To retweet someone else’s post is arguably the highest form of endorsement, compliment, and/or flattery on Twitter not to mention that it provides great linking power to the original tweeter.  Retweeting can actually be of great benefit to you the retweeter.
a) Be selective when you retweet, it should provide value to your followers. Make sure the content is truly interesting and relevant.  Do not retweet for personal Gain.

b) VALUE! If you can provide value to your followers then you will reap the rewards and probably attract more followers.

c) Branding your name. If you retweet/point to an external source that is relevant and of value, then you will create a solid loyal following not to mention a great way to develop credibility to your name

d) you can build a good relationship with the original posters. To put it in simple terms many people will return the favor and retweet something of yours
e) Retweeting is a great way to add value and quality to your tweets.

What Not to do when retwittering

1. DO NOT Change the Link. Use the same link as the original poster, this is twitter etiquitte and you wont get any brownie points by changing the links especailly if is some kind of affiliate link.
2. DO NOT SPAM so watch what you are retweeting. Also do not Rick-Roll anyone - yikes

How to Set Up a Retweet:
( from Twitalyzer)

* The use of “RT” or “rt” followed by someone’s proper Twitter username (e.g., “RT @mistrtim”)
* The use of “RETWEET” or “retweet” followed by someone’s proper Twitter username (e.g., “Retweet @mistrtim”)
* The use of “R/T” or “r/t” followed by someone’s proper Twitter username (e.g., “r/t @mistrtim”)
* The use of “VIA” or “via” followed by someone’s proper Twitter username (e.g., “via @mistrtim”)

If you have a colon (”:”) in between your retweet signifier and the Twitter users proper username that is fine. But if you don’t use one of these styles and especially if you don’t properly refer to the Twitter user, the retweet will not be scored. Here are some examples of things we do not count as retweets:

* “retweet Tim Southernwood”
* “RT the new york times”
* “via “>”

A bit of a contraversy about retweeting is should you copy the retweet word for word?  Maybe because I am in the blogging world and to copy and paste is duplicate content, therefore not done, I will leave that one up to you.

If You wish to read and study more about retweets, the click on The Science of ReTweets

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  2.   By Ron P corbin on Mar 30, 2009 | Reply

    Hey there, thanks for the post.
    It really explained allot. I know others will benefit from this tutorial.


  3.   By admin on Mar 30, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Ron:

    You are very welcome, now you can go forth and tweet and retweet :-)

    Best Regards,

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