Allsports Believes the NHL Rule Changes are a Step in the Right Direction

While looking for hockey sports news on the web. I came across this video explanation on the rule changes in the NHL. It is quite informative and gives examples on what will be a penalty on the icing issue, where faceoffs will take place on a penalty and where the face off will be if […]

Allsports top 10 hockey blogs for sports on the web

It is starting to get to be that time of year again. As the leaves start to change colour and fall from the trees some may look at it as autumn, while I on the other hand look at it as the beginning of another hockey season. Sports of all kinds whether on the web […]

Allsports Wanted to pay Tribute to Ron Lancaster a CFL Icon

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Ron Lancaster last week who died on September 18th after a battle with lung cancer. He was a true icon in the Canadian Football League and will be missed not only for his knowledge of the Canadian game but for his persona and dry wit. As […]

Allsports Friends “Caution Wet Paint” add some Humour to Sports

Friends of mine on the web, “Caution Wet Paint” did a small video for me on the sport of hockey. I thought I would share it with everyone today. These guys do all kinds of humorous video skits and decided to do this one for me on the web for the sport of Ice Hockey. […]